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Utilities & Other useful programs/files

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brown muggi zip adder v1.0b
Maiden Login. A Nice Usefull QuickLogin
Dream Login v1.00
Bulletin menu door v1.5 Very nice door to display bulletins
QuickLogin door v1.2
A new status door
muggi filelist creator v1.0b
muggicallers v0.1
MuggiScan/DD v1.0b
Last 100 ULS Grouped
MuggiChat v1.4
muggi zip adder v1.1 final + bonus
SaturnJoin v0.3 Very nice access-dependant conference-joiner with fluffy design and cursor/number selection
SaturnValidate v0.1 Very good and totally configurable DayDream util which makes a bulletin of all your new users
SaturnWall v0.1 Very nice wall with nice design and some configurable options
AccountLister v0.1 Clean userlister supporting Wildcards, Handle, Location, Sec, Lastdate & Calls
CheeseWarn v0.3 lists all users that haven't called within the last x days
MultiComment v1.00 Handy little comment-replacement
Questionnaire Viewer v1.00 View all users' answers
WallHall v1.00 A 90 percent copy of the /X original. The coolest Wall/Logoff door
GroupTop v1.00 Very configurable top-groups generator. Includes GroupEditor door to edit groups
Location Wars v1.0 Lets users change other user's locations in exchange for credz
Muggifront v1.2 final Classic login-front. Including source
SaturnRequest v0.2 Requestdoor with all the usual features
tLog!n v1.0 a turbo-login door




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